Name: Verdict, The

Address: Jazz sessions Friday and Saturday from 8:30pm at The Verdict, 159 Edward Street, Brighton BN2 0JB

Telephone: 01273 674847
Contact Email:



On Friday and Saturday gig nights The Verdict has a capacity of about 70 in the basement clubroom. Jazzgoers are advised to book in advance of the gigs; tickets are on sale in the café or can be purchased by credit card on 01273-674847. Seats/tables can only be reserved when a ticket has been bought in advance.

Unreserved seats will be sold on a first come, first served basis from 7pm.

The Verdict is open at 7pm on Friday and Saturday nights, when the doors will open and patrons who wish can directly take their seats and drinks in the basement clubroom.

Hot meals are served on the ground floor from 7.0 to 8.0pm.

Music (usually two one-hour sets) is from 8.30 till late; free interval snacks; solo half-hour interval artists to be booked from time to time (keep checking the listings)